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Brand Videos

Wild Tonic

Kyle Braun
December 15, 2019

About Our Client

Wild Tonic is an incredibly unique brand of Jun-kombucha, dedicated to creating and sharing this innovative ferment with the world, in addition to being proactive in the community by bringing awareness to bee conservation.

Our Process

We were privileged to have traveled to the company’s location in Sedona, Arizona - capturing footage to be used for several marketing and promotional videos. Specifically, these videos were aimed to help increase brand awareness and drive sales. Our goal was to capture enough content to successfully communicate the brand’s story and mission to their target audience. Using the theme of “Farm to Bottle” as a primary guide, we documented the entire brewing process from start to finish. We were able to pack enough content into a single day of shooting to successfully complete this mission. Throughout the day, we captured a variety of footage ranging from the organic farm, bee keeping and grape harvesting all the way to the physical brewing process and consumer use. Although this was a challenge, we made it happen with the help of our passionate and dedicated video production team.

The Result

Wild Tonic used the videos Primus Visuals created to showcase the entire process of making their kombucha - from farm to bottle. These promotional videos are now hosted on the company’s website, and used for online advertisements.

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